Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cool Rainy Days!

GUESS WHAT?  The Love Seat has arrived!!! YAY!  Now I have to work on furniture arrangements and some wall decorating before I take some room pictures!

 And this is what being retired is all about!  I stayed in my jammies today and knitted till noon!!  I got the baby hammock done (pictured below) I have NEVER knitted on such big honkin needles before!  Size 35!  I know you are asking WHY I knitted a baby hammock?  My daughter the photographer had me knit it for her for photo props for newborn babies!  Maybe she will share a picture with me?!

And then  go to riduculously small as in below, I am knitting socks two at time from the toe up!  If I get these done I will frame them!  I wouldn't dare give them as gifts.... (if I ever saw or heard of them being put in a yard sale.... hmmmm I would croak!)  I may never finish them!  The needles are size 2!  Yikes hard on this gals eyes!

And moving on to something much more enjoyable!!!!!  The sock monkey hats!  Won't these look adorable on a set of twins!!!!  I have to do one for big sister first then they will be off in the mail!
Hope you had an awesome Wednesday and found some joy in your day!

I am linking the monkey hats up to....

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