Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've been Monkeying around!

Yes, I have been busy finishing up some of my Monkey Hats for my little guys!  Between that and admiring the new dining room outfit.... don't even ask about the LoveSeat!  It will not be delivered till March.... coming on a slow boat!

So here are some pics I have taken around the house this afternoon... Might I add there is a store in LeClaire, Iowa that I love?!!!  DWELLINGS  They have the coolest stuff!  I went in to see if they had another canning jar holder for a friend in Northern Iowa.... (Kathy)  and I ended up spending money... btw they will have it in a month and will call me!!

For a little guy named Hutch now I need to do his twin sister a pink one!

Jagger's Monkey hat

and the rest of the gang.... Christians and Jaxton's!

The new Dining room set!

So a question.... do I paint those white shelves above the buffet or leave them white???

AND pink Heart Marshmellows thank to Lissa at Humble Pie!  She has the neatest ideas!

Cool huh?

Yes, I found these numbers... of the date when we got married... I need a 10 behind it but he was out!~

DWELLINGS had awesome prices on their metal baskets!  Only 10 bucks each!

AND This cute little bird came home with me too!


  1. Nancy, your house is looking absolutely gorgeous (like right out of a magazine), and those hats are so adorable!!! I am so envious of both ;) So sorry we missed you the other day. I wish you could have seen the babies, maybe next time. Looks like you are keeping busy--we will catch ya later


  2. Nancy,
    The hats are so cute! Just wondering if you have knitted your fingers to the bone?? lol The dining room looks great. I love the blue color on the walls. As far as the shelves go I would say a darker color may make the plates POP but then it may be too dark on the wall. So really I am no help at all be cause I would have the same dilemma! Have a beautiful Weekend.

  3. Thanks Erica! Cannot wait to get them to you!! Tara, yes I knitted my fingers to the bone! :)


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