Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day

It is soon going to be Valentine's Day and if having a Birthday 2 days after Valentine's Day and always having a Birthday cake in the shape of a heart didn't make you think it was your special holiday well getting married on Valentine's Day only added to it!   Mark and I got married 2/14///2010!  So I decided it was only fitting to do a little Valentine Day decorating around the house!  If you are easily bored you may want to not look at the picture fest!  I also started a tradition a few years back of knittinng hats for the grandbabies for Valentine's Day!  It was easy when there were only 2 or 3 but now there are seven!  The little girls are getting pink and purple hats with big flowers on them and the little guys they are all getting Monkey Hats!!  So here you go you can check out what I have been busy doing!!

The banner I printed off of http://justdevinestyle.blogspot.com/  Thanks Tara!

Hat # 1 went to Jilane!

Jilane is definately a Hat Girl!! She wears the hat till they look frazzled!  I do believe she loves it!

and Hat #2 went to Abigail!  She loves the hats also!

AND hat #3 I just couldn't wait till the little guy woke up to take a picture but will post a picture of him and the rest of the crew wearing their hats when they all get done, not bad for starting last Thursday on the first one!  This hat Rocks!!!!
I escaped the heavy snows and came a visiting so hopefully I can make it home Friday, they only have ice here in Robinson and not sure yet how much we have back home, but I think it must be a lot because Mark says there is hardly any traffic and the dogs are not wanting to go outside!!!

Stay Warm, you all know what I will be busy doing so all my liitle guys and gals will have their hats by Valentine's Day!!


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