Monday, January 12, 2015

A little weekend project....

I had purchased the "Sew Together" pattern online from Sew Demented and finally got around to sewing it up this past weekend....  It is a clever little bag to hold a lot of sewing notions.  My one suggestion to you is that on Quilt Barn they have a sew along .... Don't ask any questions just do it!  (It will save you a headache)

Oh and please do not look at my wonky looking quilting on the front.... Learning to quilt is on my to do list!

There is a pin cushion and a felt needle holder on the inside of the bag....


  1. Lovely !!
    I really need to make more thing for my list ! LOL

    1. Liz, it seems to be a problem for me also because I just keep adding to my list! Ha Ha! I almost took the front apart. but in real life it didn't seem to look as bad as the picture!


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