Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Revised Craft Room....

I am finally getting around posting the pictures of what I changed in my Craft Room after Thanksgiving!  We went to Menards and bought some countertop and two base cabinets.... added some shelves and Voila' I have 2 new sewing spots....

I also shrunk my island down, I now have room to leave an ironing board set up if I need too!

(the island was bigger, I had the two cube book cases spread apart big enough to have a stool in the middle and it just wasn't working!)  This size is more doable we just shoved the two cases together and came up with a size for the top!

 So for those who were wondering what we did differently the BEFORE shots are in the top of my menu bar.... I will leave them for a while..

Happy Wednesday to all of you!  It is a cold day here in Northwestern Illinois!



  1. Oh!!! I want to come play in your craft room! It's awesome!

    1. Amy, You can come play anytime if you will teach me to quilt!!! :)


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