Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fruits of Labor

Second post for the day so you can see what was accomplished .....(you can't quite see what the electrician did!) 

The support has been put in for the far wall beside the fireplace (the pipe needed to go right through a support beam).... a support beam was put in and now the wall is gone that was between the dining room/living room entry.... it has been opened up some!  It is gonna look really different!

the last cut to remove the last stud

ta daaaa it is opened up!!!

Mark looking at the open space leading into what will be our family room

looking from within the new family room

can you see the hearth for the fireplace ???  also bookcases are being built on each side!!!

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  1. Whoah! You've got aLOT going on. I thought I had some major reno-s happening but it's all relative I guess! It looks like you're going to have a brand new house. Exciting!


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