Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures to Bore you with.....

Just in case you are not already bored here are some pictures that will do the trick....  Sorry some are pictures I have retaken but there are things that have changed in the picture that you may or may not notice....  The Fireplaces were grouted last week, a piece of trim put up, a few decorating items added......  I tried to take some better pictures today and used a tripod so I wouldn't have any movement....  A few subtle changes and looking more finished all the time!  Knowing where we came from with these rooms in this post and how it looks now amazes me! 

Yessiree I got the fireplaces grouted this past week!!!!

Gizzy and Bella

Dude!  Yes they are allowed on "their" blankets and pillow not my good ones!! :)

Yes, I still have to work on the stairway!  And We are replacing the door behind the fireplace and we still have to do our woodwork!

See all the levels this fireplace has to decorate?!

This look will soon be changed when our Dining Room Table and chairs come in about 3-4 weeks See the picture below!

Alright... mind changed again.... THIS IS IT!  Yessiree Three is charm... If you are a salesperson out there.. be honest with your customer, the last one I couldn't get soon afterall (even thought they told me it was available for pickup it wasn't) and I really didn't give a hoot about the so called free television and realized after the fact that it really was NOT a good deal!  I know it makes me look really fickle and  I thought I had done my homework....... lesson to me... make sure you know!  In the end I am waiting 3-4 weeks so the sofa and dining room tables and chairs can all be delivered at the same time!  Patience........

Sorry if you are bored with the pictures I took today!

Hope you all have an awesome week!


  1. Your home looks beautiful. I absolutely LOVE that fireplace!

  2. It's all so beautiful! I love all the white. It's so fresh and clean and bright.
    Just lovely!

  3. your home is gorgeous and your new chairs will be a beautiful addition.


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