Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awsome prints!

Sorry I have been lazy at posting this past week!  I found this awesome blog, Tara over at Divine Style  is quite talented and has an Etsy shop... I ordered this Name Art and framed it.  (HINT HINT you get it quite quickly as she sends it via email so you can either print it yourself or take it to have printed and she is really reasonable with her prices and she would love to do one for you too!  The picture below is hanging in our bedroom!  In trying to print it out I had a mistake or two and I used one of them in my dining room!

AND while you are there checking out her blog she has some freebies you can download and print for FREE!! 

The HOPE one is by me, but the Love and Faith ones are FREE on Divine Style  So go ahead hop on over to Tara's blog and tell her Nancy sent you!!

 I used fabric I had for the backgrounds on all of these in the Dining Room!! The Faith one above is Free and the Barr one is a bonus one I printed while deciding what I wanted (she sent me 5 different styles!)!

 How do you like them on my wall in the dining room?  I really like them!!  Thanks Tara!

Ok and just so you know I am a proud Nana of Seven!  This is Jilane, she had been sick for 5 days a week ago and this was taken after she had felt good for a couple of days!  She is trying out her brother's hard hat!  I love her smiles! 

Have a Blessed Weekend


  1. Woo hoo! They all look great! You did a fabulous job in decorating the dining room. I love the idea of using fabric behind the prints.
    Thanks so much for the shout out I am so happy you liked your printable.
    Blessings, Tara

  2. They look great! Love the idea of using coordinating fabric as matting...GENIUS!

    p.s. How much does Jilane look like her momma in that pic!?

  3. your wall looks great and your grand daughter is beautiful. Glad she's feeling better!


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