Monday, January 3, 2011

Window Treatments

I cannot believe I did not have my windows covered before Christmas..... but I was just trying to have other things done and simply ran out of time and energy!   So I have been stewing for some time as to just what to do to the windows in the Dining Room and Living Room/AKA Sitting Room....  My mother always said some of the best and cheapest fabric for your windows was sheets!  So off I went to Walmart..... it was the only place I could find the sheets sold individually at a cheap price!   I have 5 really big and tall windows in this 110 year old house!   I couldn't buy them all at one Walmart.... I cleared the shelves at the first Walmart the Twin Flat Sheets were a whopping $4.00 a piece and then went to another Walmart for the final 4 sheets and they were marked down to $3.00 a sheet!!!  They had been opened and some of the packaging was missing.  I didn't care!  So I have the material for 5 huge windows for a total of $36.00!  Now that was a bargain!
AND how was I going to make these drapes you might ask?  I decided to use the plastic grommets from Hancock Fabric I am sure JoAnn's carry them also!  They however were going to cost me more than all the sheets!  They were $11.00 a package and that would only take care of one panel... (WHICH by the way I put the grommets in the header of the sheet and didn't have to hem or sew anything!!!) YAY!!!  The nice thing about the plastic grommets is that I can pop them back out and use them again if I should ever decide to change the drapery!  Here is a picture tutorial of the process!  The hardest part was ironing them all!

They come with a little template of the circle and it is easy to cut out!

The template
The holes all cut out!

So I have a cost here of

Sheets $36.00
Grommets $110.00

That is $146.00 for 5 huge windows!!

I also had gotten new rods at Lowes on Black Friday on sale and spent right around $125.00 for some really nice rods!

So I will take finished pictures and add them into this post a little later!  Happy Monday to all of you!

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  1. What a great idea to use sheets! Believe it or not, I was in Joann's this morning looking at those grommets. Again for my son's bedroom. I think I'm going to make some curtains out of some drop cloths, and would love to put some grommets at the top. Fortunately, I won't have to spend quite as much as you did, since I only have two panels to make for one window!



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