Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh the dilemmas!

When I went to Slumberland on Monday and PAID for the loveseat it was with the intentions that "YES, we do have it in stock and we will deliver it on Thursday"! I was all up for that one! I like the old fashioned furniture store that you get what you see! No waiting except if you want it delivered and shoot if you have a truck you can take it right now! Well those furniture stores are far and few between now a days! So the day after I paid for the loveseat I get a phone call ......
THEM "UMMMMMMmmmm we have made a mistake and we don't really have the sofa in stock it will be late February before we will have it!"
ME: Well just cancel the order I don't want to wait till late February!
THEM: Well we will reimburse you so since you wrote a check it will be 10 days to 2 weeks before we will send you a check.... (in other words they will hold my money hostage for 2 weeks!)  NOTE to self, use your debit card you ding dong!
ME: Well that kind of sucks but yes that is what I want! ( I almost felt like they had told me I could get it quickly just because that was the only way I would buy it)......

So off I went yesterday looking again for the perfect loveseat to put into our "Front Room... aka Reading Room" you know the one with the lovely old fireplace that we haven't enjoyed yet!

So off I went to American and found a close substitute and they have it and if I want to pick it up I can do it anytime but I am opting for delivery which may take a week because Mark would have to find someone to help him lug it into the house and what if it got ripped trying to shove it into his van (the only doors that open in the rear is on the side the back ones are non-functioning!) SO now I am waiting for a phone call from American as when they can deliver it! OH and guess what they had a deal going on and I get a free flat panel television!

I really don't need a television I have one everywhere that I want one BUT I can buy a little gadget and make it my Computer monitor! I am rather sentimental about the one I have, it was Gary's he bought it with the money his fellow employees at the prison gave him when he retired 4 months before he passed away! He thought it was the coolest thing! And I still do too! So I think the television will remain in a box until my monitor goes out! So I guess I have a backup monitor! (unless I decide differently)

So today so far I have been a bum, ( awe I feel retired) :)  although I have cut a couple of pieces of trim to go above the mantel on the fireplace and have stuck a couple of pieces of tile back onto the family room hearth :) (A Christmas Story of how they came off anyway)  I am headed for the shower and then I will grout! Hope to head into the Y to do some walking this afternoon!

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to Jagger today my first grandson turns 2 and what a little ball of energy he is! He is such a cutey!

I will do a picture fest later!  :)

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