Saturday, January 1, 2011

The quietness....

You mammas out there know what I mean..... after having a houseful of children and grandchildren the quietness of the house can almost seem eerie!

I left as some of our company did on Monday morning to go down to Amber's to visit a few days....  On the way down I stopped off to see my dear friend Kaye and how she has made her home so lovely!  I also had the privilege of seeing her new grandson!  What a beautiful baby!

Can you just not tell how much this Nana loves this little guy?

Please pray for this adoption to proceed quickly!

Amber and I also took a trip down to Galatia to see my Mother...... Oh how her eyes lit up when she saw us!  She so enjoyed seeing Baby Otto for the first time and I do think she remembered Abigail and Capri since she saw them so much while she lived in Robinson!  She got a kick out of watching the girls dance around the room and she loved holding Otto!

I became ill with the nasty stomach flu on Wednesday evening and headed home Thursday evening after sharing the flu with Amber's family so far 3 of them have it too.... I am so sorry that happened... I washed and washed my hands but afraid the damage was done before I got sick because I loved on all the little ones!  Poor Amber!  Thursday morning when Capri got up she said " Nana is still alive"  I guess she thought I was going to croak!  Not so sure I didn't think the same thing!  haha!

Well now I am off to shower, and get around..... I have my beans cooking ( a family tradition to start the New Year with Ham and Beans)  I guess to bring it in with a bang?    I have tried everything to make the beans less gassy, from soaking them in 7-up to bean-o!!!! To NO avail!  So I am planning to take down the Christmas decorations that it seems like I just put up!    Then I am cleaning "This Old House" that is  how I will  welcome in the New Year! 

What a wonderful year I have had!  :)  God is Good!  As I look back at this past year.... I fell in Love with Mark, we got married and I fall more in love with him each day!  We had two beautiful grandsons born, a daughter got married,  and we have gotten most of the house redone! 
Happy New Year to all of you!  May God richly Bless YOUR lives this New Year!

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