Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been very busy this past week.......  shopping for trinkets to decorate the house with!  My favorite finds have been at TJ Max, and a couple of things at Tuesday Morning.... but TJ Max is much cheaper!  I had downsized when I moved to Robinson in 06 and got rid of sooooo much stuff!  Wished I had kept a few things but..... I didn't have the room to keep too much!  So I am having fun "decorating" with my new stuff!  I am off today to go buy a loveseat and a chair for the living room!  Looked at this yesterday and can't decide if I want this or real leather!  My family room furniture is leather and with pets I love it!  I plan to buy a zapper thing to keep the dogs out of certain rooms so I may not have to worry about that!

Love seat we have looked at!  Don't care for the pillows but the loveseat is pretty comfy and will look great in front of the fireplace!!!

love these chairs for the dining room!!
So off I go before the snow hits!!!!  When I get home I will take a ton of pictures of what I have been doing and will post so get ready to be bored!

Happy Monday everyone!

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