Saturday, January 1, 2011


My niece Aaron over at Mudpies and Marigolds  gave the description on how to do this cool project of transferring black and white prints a couple of weeks back and being a visual person, I did a little tutorial with pictures.... I had actually wanted to do this BEFORE Christmas but hmmmmm I had too much on my plate to do it even though I had everything copied and ready to go......

First of all you need to download some vintage prints or come up with your own black and whites.... the graphics fairy ...  has a ton of free prints you can download!

You need to print these out on your printer and take them to a copy store I went to Kinkos and asked for a black and white printer.... IT HAS TO BE a Laser printer that is only for Black and White!  That was the easy part the hard part was finding the CitraSolv it is a natural product that is concentrated and used for cleaning!  I checked their website and they had several stores listed as carrying the product but not all of the stores they had listed actually had CitraSolv so save yourself some time and frustration and call first to make sure they actually have it!  I found it for $11.98 at a Health Food Store in Davenport, Iowa called Greatest Grains.

so here is the Supply List

* Q Tips
* Black and white prints
* CitraSolv
* Masking Tape/Painters Tape
* Old Paper Bags for protecting the surface you are working on
* Metal Spoon to burnish the image.....
* A tightly woven fabric I used the Tea Towels from Target I think you can get them at Walmart also!  4 to a package for around $5.00

I printed out names that I printed in Mirror Image on my printer then took to Kinko's!


Pack of Tea Towels

My images that I printed in mirror image (the only ones that need mirror image are number and letters)

Tape it down to your fabric

Dip your Q tip in CitraSolv and rub onto your image

When you have covered your image with the CitraSolv using the QTip take your spoon and burnish the image really well onto the fabric!

I said really well!

Then Peel back the taped paper and ooooollllllllaaaaaa laaaaaa

There is your image!

I laid a piece of brown paper sack below the image and above it and ironed it, this helped to evaporate the excess CitraSolv!
Thanks Aaron for this cool idea!!!  Aaron is very creative and has some awesome decorating ideas on her blog!

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  1. That towel came out GREAT! Glad you could find the CitraSolv. Hope you all had a great holiday.


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