Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All about the walls!

Here you will find pictures of the walls that Mark and Robert have been working on to get all of the plaster and lathe off of!  It WILL be nice when it is all finished.... it will, it will, it will!!!  It is such a mess right now but I know that in no time it will be done...  Today the fireplace people came to measure to make sure an insert will fit into the old fireplace and to measure for one in the family room... In doing all this we have also decided to eliminate a couple of walls a Truss? guy came to see what we needed to carry the load... and tomorrow the electrician comes and our insulation we ordered will be here also!  We will have a busy weekend ahead of us to get this all done so the drywalling can begin on Monday!!!

Click on the picture above and below and you will see a couple of areas we are going to open up!

As you look at the above picture the arched doorway is going to be closed in but the wall is going to disapear that goes into the kitchen and to the left

This is as you come down the stairway the tall guys would hit their heads and now it is gone!!!


  1. Nancy does that staircase step down into 2 different rooms? I love stairs that do that!!! I want ours redone so that they come down in the dining/kitchen and my sewing room. Kev says I will lose more space I say I will loose the traffic in my sewing room. Your posts make me tired and feel very lazy....but I LOVE LOVE them!!! Hope your mom is feeling better, and just so you know we miss you much!!!
    Love ya

  2. Thanks Cristel! Yes the staircase comes down into two different rooms, we actually considered taking the ones out that go into the kitchen but it is so convenient!!! Mom is at least able to get comfortable most days.. But still has days of pain (because she won't ask for a pain pill) but is settling in.... Miss you too!!! love nancy


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