Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Amber

Amber is my youngest of two girls.... and today is her birthday....  Doesn't seem possible that it was 31 years ago today that Gary and I went to the hospital to have our second child just 14 1/2 months after our first child (Jala) was born!  We had taken Lamaze classes and were "prepared"  everything happened pretty fast... got to the hospital (Utlaut in Greenville, IL) and Dr. Clark came in and broke my water, when he came back to check me in about an hour or so things were going pretty strong and he said "wow" can you pant through the pains till I get back? I have my kids in the car and need to run them home... (might I just add I wanted to choke him at this point?) so I panted through with Gary helping and he almost passed out from hyperventilating!  When the nurse finally said alright we are going to the delivery room with or without the dr. I said oh get my pillow I have to have my pillow she said "honey you don't have time for a pillow"  and she was right... as they were taking me to the delivery room, here comes dr. clark running down the hall jumping into his "greens" and one push and out comes Miss Amber Lane Wyant.... What a blessing she has been to me!  I am thankful for the Godly woman she has become... and know that her Dad is looking down with pride at his daughter.  I am proud of both of my daughters but it is Amber's birthday!  But since this is the only picture I could find quickly you get to see both of our lovely daughters!
Amber and Jala


  1. Oh my goodness, they are so lovely! I would be so proud too. A very belated thank you for stopping by my blog last month!

  2. They look so much alike in this picture!


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