Monday, August 30, 2010

What I do when I am bored!

Yes,  we are in the middle yes,the middle of remodeling and what am I doing?  Well when I am bored because there isn't anything I can do.... or if I get aggravated.... like the other day the guy (I have no idea who he was the lumber yard sent him) was here to see what kind of load bearing trusses we needed for our walls we are removing and he asked us if we knew what kind of roof we had, I said it is a "peak roof" he said are you sure it isn't a hip roof? I said no I know what a hip roof is and this is a "peak" he looked at me like yeah right this dumb broad is trying to tell me what kind of roof is on this house so he went and looked for himself..... I was right... I knew what kind of roof it is because my house in Robinson has a hip roof....  I hate it when men think you are stupid just because of your gender!  (I bet he couldn't figure out how to make these!)  So I headed upstairs and made some head bands!  (that was more fun anyway!)   So here is the fruit of my labor!  Won't all of my little girlies look cute in these?  I am now addicted to making them!

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