Monday, August 16, 2010

Today's Achievements!

Today the windows are done!!! Yes we have all new windows and they are awesome!!! YAY!!  Ron finished the windows and headed upstairs to start tearing out the walls to expand two closets in our room!  Ron also informed me we had a guest sunbathing in the front yard.... a four foot SNAKE  yuck I really do not care for snakes!  I have always said  the only good snake is a dead snake!!!!  I WILL be watching with a HOE in hand!!!   yeah yeah yeah I know they eat mice and rodents..... my husband already told me that... but I still don't like snakes!!!

YIKES I need to take some before pictures in the morning!!  Tomorrow the electrician comes to update a few things.... So things are a happening.... I will post some pictures tomorrow! If all goes as planned the drywalling will start next Monday!!!

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