Monday, August 30, 2010


Here is what is a happening at this old house....

Electrician comes back tomorrow to finish wiring.....

The Trusses will be installed tomorrow where the walls are coming out.....

Mark is still working on removing the plaster/lathe and insulation......

The plumber is coming sometime this week to put the plumbing in the "room between"  ( I don't know what to call this room it is between the house and the apartment!) for the washing machine and he also will install a water line for the refrigerator/icemaker with a filter!

The drywallers will come on September 7th

The fireplaces will be installed on September 14th

Then the fun will begin.... painting and new flooring throughout the downstairs.... we are hoping to sand the wood floors in the dining, living and family rooms.... and lay ceramic tile everywhere else!

OH Yeah and the master bedroom is still in a mess..... we have closets that are framed in but the rest is on hold because of the time frame in the downstairs.... when we reach a point that WE cannot do anything else downstairs we will start finishing our room.... who knows maybe I will actually be moved by the end of October?

Oh and Dumpster #2 is full! We still need another one to finish up with the carpet!

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