Saturday, August 7, 2010


Aunt "Toots" and my mother (they are sisters)
On the way to see my mother I picked up her younger sister Dorris, and took her along so they could have a visit... I always enjoy seeing my aunt and we always have something to talk about...I only see my aunt a couple of times a year... My mother (she is seated) her memory isn't so good... she still knows who we are she just cannot remember things like what is going on in the present... She can talk of years gone bye but as far as remembering what she just had for lunch, she cannot remember that!  Every time you tell her something it is a surprise!

My grandmother had two sets of twins and both were boy and girl twins.... My mother is Fay and her twin was Ray ... Toots' whose real name is Dorris her twins name was Morris!  These are the only two out of seven kids left from their family...  My mother was the only one who had twins and of course they were girl and boy.... Jean and John!  Mom is 88 and Toots is 84!

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